AYSA 2013 Concussion Policy

On behalf of the Aston Youth Soccer Association (AYSA) Board, I want to thank you for teaching our youth the beautiful game of soccer and for the countless hours you will be with them in doing so. Your love/respect of the game and positive influence in their lives is greatly appreciated.

Although it is the beautiful game, soccer is one of the leading sports when it comes to its players sustaining concussions.

In conjunction with the 2011 Pennsylvania Safety in Youth Sports Act and as dictated by the Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Sports Association (EPYSA), AYSA has adopted the following:

1.    Concussions and related injuries are serious matters and shall be treated as such.
2.    ALL AYSA coaches shall take and pass the CDC online concussion awareness certification course.
3.    The AYSA Board shall investigate any perceived improprieties regarding the handling of any concussion-related and/or serious injury.
4.    Any coach, player and/or parent/guardian who is found not to have properly addressed a concussion and/or related/serious injury shall be subject to discipline, including suspension and dismissal.

Please Note: Any injury that takes a player out of a game/practice – and keeps them out of the game/practice – is a serious injury. IF a coach has legitimate concern about a player after an injury/suspected injury, he/she will not put a player back into a game/practice.

Please read the full AYSA Concussion/Serious Injury Policy, which is attached. The policy will be posted to the “Coaches Corner” section of the AYSA website (astonyouthsoccer.com) shortly. Other related resources are already available via the Coaches Corner.

All AYSA parents and coaches shall abide by the AYSA Concussion/Serious Injury Policy.

In addition, ALL AYSA COACHES (head coaches and assistant coaches) must take and pass the CDC online concussion awareness certification course by July 15.

The CDC Concussion Course can be found by clicking here and then click on, “Launch the Training Course.”

At the end of the course, the successful participant will be awarded a certificate.

A copy of the certificate must be sent to me via email by July 15.

Any coach who has not turned in a certificate by July 15 will not be allowed to coach until he/she has turned in a certificate of course completion.

Upon successful course completion, AYSA will provide coaches with a clipboard outlining concussion symptoms as well as documentation to help raise awareness on other serious injuries.

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