2015 Philadelphia Union Tickets – ON SALE NOW!!!!!

As part of the Aston Youth Soccer partnership with the Philadelphia Union, AYSA has 4 tickets to EVERY Union Home Game.  AYSA is making them available to all AYSA members and their family and friends for $35 per ticket. (same as if you bought directly from the team, but $5 less AND no fees!).  The schedule is below.

If you are interested in purchasing tickets please e-mail Nick Randall at events@astonyouthsoccer.com.  Tickets will be sold on a first come, first served basis.  We would prefer to sell the tickets as a group of 4, but will be willing to split them into groups of 2.


Day Date Time Opponent Tickets
Saturday 3/7/2015 4:00 Colorado SOLD
Friday 3/20/2015 7:00 Dallas 4
Saturday 4/11/2015 4:00 NYCFC 4
Sunday 4/19/2015 5:00 New England 4
Saturday 5/2/2015 4:00 Toronto 4
Sunday 5/17/2015 7:00 DC United 4
Wednesday 6/3/2015 7:00 Columbus 4
Saturday 6/6/2015 7:00 NYCFC 4
Wednesday 6/24/2015 7:00 Seattle 4
Saturday 6/27/2015 7:00 Montreal 4
Saturday 7/11/2015 7:00 Portland 4
Saturday 8/1/2015 7:00 NYRB 4
Sunday 8/16/2015 7:00 Chicago 4
Saturday 8/29/2015 7:00 New England 4
Saturday 9/12/2015 7:00 Columbus 4
Sunday 9/20/2015 7:00 Houston 4
Sunday 10/25/2015 5:00 Orlando City 4

2015-16 Club Soccer Tryouts

Tryouts are now underway for the 2015-16 Seasons

Click on Alex Morgan for Girls
Tryout Information

Click on Maurice Edu for Boys
Tryout Information
alex_morgan mo_edu





Click HERE for information on Girls teams

Click HERE for information on Boys teams

2015 Girls Club Team Tryout Information

2015-16 U9 Girls (girls born after 7/31/2006)
For more information, please contact Juan Vintimilla, jvinti@verizon.net

U10 Sparx  (girls born after 7/31/2005)
For more information, please contact Omar Robinson, omar_robinson@hotmail.com

U11 Inferno (girls born after 7/31/2004)
For more information, please contact Chris Schmid, cjschmid16@gmail.com

U12 Lightning (girls born after 7/31/2003)
For more information, please contact Ed Kauffeld, edk.lightningsoccer@gmail.com

U13 Martens (girls born after 7/31/2002)
For more information, please contact Rich Young, richardyoung@eaton.com

U14 Union (girls born after 7/31/2001)
For more information, please contact Chris Lambert, lambertchris@verizon.net

U15 Strikers (girls born after 7/31/2000)
For more information, please contact Ken Novotni, novobrosinc@gmail.com.

U16 Galaxy (girls born after 7/31/1999)
For more information, please contact Chris Lambert, lambertchris@verizon.net

U17 Tornados (girls born after 7/31/1998)
For more information, please contact Matt Hengey, hengey@gmail.com

2015 Boys Club Team Tryout Information

2015-16 U9 Boys (boys born after 7/31/2005)
For more information please contact Scott Ellis, sellis34@yahoo.com

U10 Boys (boys born after 7/31/2005)
For more information, please contact Luigi Villa, luigivilla@icloud.com or Ron Clements, ron.clements@gmail.com

U11 United (boys born after 7/31/2004)
For more information, please contact Ryan Hill, rhill73@gmail.com

U12 Devils (boys born after 7/31/2003)
For more information, please contact Amanda Becker, beckbe5@gmail.com

U13 Rage (boys born after 7/31/2002)
For more information, please contact Matt Hengey @, hengey@gmail.com or 484-540-0129

U14 Avalanche (boys born after 7/31/2001)
For more information, please contact Brian Hofmann, hoffamily28@yahoo.com

U15 Storm (boys born after 7/31/2000)
For more information, please contact Ed Finn, eddyfinn@comcast.net

U17 Revolution (boys born after 7/31/1998)
For more information, please contact Anthony Skwirut, naskwirut@verizon.net

AYSA and Next Gen USA

Aston Youth Soccer would like to announce our acceptance as an Club Development affiliate with Next Gen USA.

Next Gen USA is a Player Progression System dedicated to supporting U.S. Soccer by accelerating the development of promising young players who aspire to play college, professional or international soccer.  By being an affiliated club with Next Gen, select players from our club will now get an opportunity to be evaluated by Next Gen and then if accepted, provided the opportunity to train with some excellent trainers and other players at their age and skill level.

Next Gen is a club neutral program, meaning that your child’s club team will come first and Next Gen is not looking to “steal” your child for their own Club team, because they do not have any club teams.  This is strictly around soccer training and personal development.

We will be releasing more information around this program and the opportunities afforded our kids in the coming months.  If yo would like more information on the Next Gen program or their philosophy, click HERE to view the flyer or visit their website at http://www.nextgenusa.org/.


AYSA and the United Way

Hello AYSA Soccer Fans,

The Aston Youth Soccer Board of Directors are pleased to announce that we are now a member of the United Way.  This means, that anytime you make a donation to the United Way you can designate Aston Youth Soccer as the organization that will receive your donation.  If you donate through your employer and they match your gift, Aston Soccer will receive that matching gift as well!

All you need to do, it when you make your donation make sure you use the donation code of 2848.  It’s that simple!  And remember, your donation is tax deductible as AYSA is a 501(c)3 charitable organization.

We have been working for over a year to make this happen and we are very excited about this opportunity for our organization to receive some additional funding.

If you have any questions regarding this, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you!

AYSA Board of Directors

U8 Program Changes

Hello U6 and U8 Intramural Parents,

In an effort to give our younger soccer players the training necessary to become better soccer players, AYSA has decided to change the way we run the U8 Intramural program.

Starting with the 2015 Winter Indoor Intramural program and continuing with the 2015 Fall Intramural Program the format will be changed to build on the format we currently have in the U6 program where we spend the first part of the session working on skills and the second part of the session playing games.  We feel that this format, along with the regular team practice that the coach will run, will give all players an opportunity to grow their skills.

For 2015 Winter Indoor Intramurals, we will not divide the kids up into teams.  Players will be assigned a session time, not a team.
For 2015 Fall Outdoor Intramurals, we will divide the kids up into teams and teams will be assigned a coach and a schedule produced as in past years.  Sessions will be extended to 75 minutes to accommodate the skill work that will be introduced.  Games will be played during the second half of the session.  Scores will not be kept.  Standings will not be kept.  There will be no playoffs. (This is the same way the games were run in 2012)

The focus of the program will be to build individual skill with tactical game play being secondary.

We understand this is a significant change to the program and that people may not agree with this approach.  However, we as an organization feel strongly that over time, this will improve the quality of play across the entire organization and allow kids to build much better individual skill as well as help develop our coaches.

We have prepared a FAQ page that hopefully will answer many of your questions (click HERE to see the list of questions) however, if you have additional questions; please feel free to reach out to us.

Thank you all for your participation in our program and for your support as we work to improve the level of instruction your kids get from our program.

Aston Youth Soccer Board of Directors

To continue on to our registration portal, please click HERE!

U8 Program Change FAQ

U8 Program Change FAQ

Q: What’s all this about building individual skill, I just want my kid to play games and score goals!
A: We all want our kids to score goals, but without the proper skill instruction no one will learn how to pass the ball to another kid who won’t know how to shoot the ball.  It’s about building individual player skill.

Q: What’s the point of playing if there aren’t winners and losers and championships?
A: This will happen, but only when the kids get older.  The focus at this age has to be individual skill supplemented with some game day tactical instruction.

Q:  I still want to coach my kid’s team, will I be able to do that?
A:  Yes!  And we strongly encourage you to volunteer.  In addition to the kids working with the trainer, we will be giving coaches training during those sessions as well.  So it will be a good opportunity for new coaches to get some instruction as well.  In addition, if you want to take the formal E License class, AYSA will reimburse you once you pass!

Q:  What happens when they move up to U10?
A:  They will then be in the “traditional” set up with teams and games.  The training portion will be removed.  Unless that is something the U10 coach wants, then we will work with them to continue the training.

Q:  If the sessions are now going to be 75 minutes and include a trainer, how much more will it cost?
A:  It will cost $0 more than 2014.

Q:  Will my kid still get a t-shirt?
A:  Absolutely!

Q:  Will my kid get a trophy or medal?
A:  All U8 players will receive a participation medal, just like they used to before we implemented playoffs.

Q:  Who will be the primary point of contact, the trainer or coach?
A:  The coach will be the primary point of contact.

Q:  Will there still be regular team practices?
A:  Yes, the coach will still be able to hold regular practices.

Q: Will my child be on a team or just lumped into a timeframe/group?
A:  For 2015 Winter Indoor, they will be assigned a time frame. For 2015 Fall Outdoor, they will be assigned a team.

Q:  Who are the trainers that will be working with my kid and his coach?
A:  For 2015 Winter Indoor it will be Juan Vintimilla, our Director of Player and Coach Development along with the 2015 U9 Club Coaches.  For 2015 Fall Outdoor, we have yet to determine who will be the trainers.

Q:  What are the credentials of the trainers?
A:  Juan holds the USSF C National Soccer Association license.  AYSA now requires all new U9 coaches to hold the USSF E license, so those coaches will have those qualifications.  For Fall 2015, we will require the trainers to have at least the E license or be working towards it.

Q:  How will this change impact the older age groups and how they are structured?
A:  For U10 and above, there will be no change to the structure.

Q:  Who will referee the games after the training on Saturday?
A:  The U8 games will be refereed by the coaches or their assistants.

Q:  What is the ultimate goal for U8 players?
A:  The goal is to learn all basic movement skills by building overall individual motor skills and ignite a passion for the game that makes them want to continue to play and learn.

Q:  What is the ultimate goal of the Intramural program?
A:  The goal of the intramural program is to give the younger players a place where they can learn individual skills to then be able to take those skills into a game situation.  If that leads them to the Club Program, great!  If that leads them to want to stay in the Intramural Program, great!  As long as the kids keep playing and LOVE the game, then we will be successful.

Q:  What if my kid really only wants to play games — can I bring him/her just to the second half of the Saturday sessions?
A:  No.  We will not allow this as it circumvents the process we are trying to implement.

Q: I did not realize the age group format would be changing and I do not like this new format — how do I go about getting a refund?
A:  If you feel that strongly about not having your child learn the skills necessary to succeed you can request a refund by emailing registration@astonyouthsoccer.com.

Q: I am totally on board with this!  Where can I register?
  You can click HERE and register for 2015 Winter Indoor AND 2015 Fall Outdoor.  If you register now for 2015 Fall Outdoor, you will receive a $10 discount per child!!

US Youth Soccer (which our organization is a member of) has an excellent document that explains the Youth Soccer Development Model.  This is the model we are trying to align with.  It is quite a lengthy document, but also quite excellent.  The link to the document is below.  We encourage you to read through it.


2015 Winter Indoor Soccer

2015 Winter Indoor Soccer

Please click on the link below to take you to the on-line registration portal

Starts January 31, 2015 and runs through March 16, 2014
Cost is $35 per child (no family maximum)
Program is open to all kids – Pee Wee, U6, Intramural or Club
Kids will play in the same age group they played in the 2014 Fall Outdoor season

Here is a link to the age group chart to see where your child will fall

Age Group Location Day Times Start End End Date
Pee Wee Northley Saturday 8am,9am 1/31/2015 3/14/2015
U6 – Co-Ed Northley Saturday 10am 1/31/2015 3/14/2015
U8 Boys
U8 Girls
Chichester Saturday 8am-2pm 1/31/2015 3/14/2015
U10 Boys Northley Friday 6pm 2/6/2015 3/20/2014
U10 Girls Northley Friday 7pm 2/6/2015 3/20/2014
U12/13 Boys Northley Friday 8pm 2/6/2015 3/20/2014
U12/13 Girls Northley Friday 9pm 2/6/2015 3/20/2014
U16 Co-Ed Chichester TBD TBD TBD TBD

U8 Boys and U8 Girls
U8 kids will be assigned a session time.  Boys and Girls will participate at different times. The first half of the session will be focused on skills training and the second half kids will be divided up into teams and will play a game.  Sessions will be run by our Director of Player and Coaching Development, Juan Vintimilla and our new U9 Club team coaches.  ***

U10 Boys, U10 Girls, U12/13 Boys, U12/13 Girls
The times listed above are based on full sessions.  If registration numbers are too low, these will be combined.

Deadline for Registration is Sunday January 18.  Late registrations will only be accepted on a case by case basis and will come with a $10 late fee per child.

 Click HERE to download the registration form to print out

2015 Club Team Champions

Click the links below for link to the team page

U11 Boys Devils – Delco Division Champions

U13 Girls Union – PAGS Division Champions

U11 Girls Lightning – PAGS Division Champions




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