Board of Directors

Executive Board

President Anthony Skwirut
Executive Vice President Matt Hengey
Vice President of Intramurals Vicki Hittle
Vice President of Boys Club Soccer BJ Nolek
Vice President of Girls Club Soccer Danielle Albrecht
Treasurer Kevin Purfield
Corporate Secretary Michelle Mozzoni
Field Manager Jack Skwirut
Equipment Manager Nick Randall
Registrar Ryan Hill
Special Needs Director Sue Vaughan

Coordinators and Other Staff

Pee Wee Coordinator Kim Blair
U-8 Boys Intramural Coordinator OPEN
U-8 Girls Intramural Coordinator Dawn LaPierre
U-10 Boys Intramural Coordinator OPEN
U-10 Girls Intramural Coordinator OPEN
U-12 Boys Intramural Coordinator Clay Gaskill
U-13 Girls Intramural Coordinator Jeff Graham
U-15 Co-Ed Intramural Coordinator Eric Segool
Corresponding Secretary Sue Nolek
Picture Coordinator Michele Hengey
Sponsorship Coordinator Sabrina Hickman
Aston Youth Soccer Association